[Hatsuyuki] Kore wa Zombie desu ka? OF THE DEAD 2

My bad for posting this release a bit late. Due to some circumstances at home, I didn’t have any time to access the computer. Consequently, I was not the one to check the translations this time. As we do want to have quickly releases for this series, someone else did it instead. There was also an insert song, which takes a long time to translate. In any case, I’ll be resuming my work next week. For now, enjoy the Chris scenes.

Staff Credits:

  • TL: Aera_Bibi
  • Timing: Aera_Bibi
  • TLC: Lord_Aizen
  • Editing: Calyrica
  • OP/ED: Rekyu, Chojenoe
  • K-time: chout
  • Karaoke: Alkoon
  • Typesetter: Calyrica
  • Quality Control: Zumochi, Fyurie, Rankblotch
  • Encoder: FixeR, Zumochi (AVI)
  • Bot: Black_OP[NL]
  • and our dear fans for watching our release.

Download links:
[10bit MKV]
[8bit MKV]
[480p AVI]



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One thought on “[Hatsuyuki] Kore wa Zombie desu ka? OF THE DEAD 2

  1. Thanks for the episode~ I would like to ask if you know the title of the insert song in this episode which is played when they are hiking.. It would be great to know ^^~ Thanks again~

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