[Sigh-Shinbunbu] Mahō Tsukai Nara, Miso wo Kue!


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Also known as “If You’re A Wizard, Eat Miso!” In all honesty, I did not really like working on it due to the low quality sound output and the awful fanservice scenes in between. But this marks my first non-pv release of Sigh Subs. The song is really catchy, as it’s done by livetune…Don’t mind the autotuning, it still sounds nice nonetheless!

So this is some advertising for the first 2 light novels, as this short OVA contains most of the scenes. It’s about miso being a form of materialized magic. You could call it MP in short. Miso Points, instead of Mana Points. The more miso, the stronger you are. The whole logic behind it isn’t really logical at all. So just sit back, and laugh your ass off about how silly this one is. You could just watch the OVA on Youtube without the subs, but we would like it if you read on to find the torrent link…and the OP/ED lyrics (it’s just one song, so don’t sweat it)!

Also, it’s just annoying how they fill the time with fanservice after every skit…But yeah, since 2010 it’s really the hype to add fanservice to series which is totally unneeded. Them Japanese otakus…

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[Mahō Tsukai Nara Miso wo Kue! OP and ED]
livetune adding Yun*chi – Sign

kimi ga shirushita sain
On the sign, you noted:

kado wo dekaketekou
“Let’s go out the door!”

owari nante okizari ni shite ne
Forget the ending for now

いつだって 君の近くで
itsudatte kimi no chikaku de
Because I always want to be next to you

totsuzen kousa suru ikutsu mo no line
There are many lines that suddenly connect

mada tsukami kirenai mama iru no
yet I haven’t managed to grab hold of any.

hikareatteru no kotoba mo wakaranai keredo
I have no words to describe this attraction to you, but

ima koko ni kawaru kimochi wa tashika na mono nanda
these new feelings I have are true

kimi ga shirushita sain
Like the sign you noted,

kado wo dekaketeku no
We’re going out the door

kontorooru no soto ni tobidashite
We’ll fly out of control,

kiseki utau yo
and sing a miracle

koeteku nani mo ka mo
We’ll surpass everything

takai wootaafooru mo
even the highest waterfall

warai nagara okizari ni shite ne
Leave it all behind as you smile,

いつだって 君の近くで
itsudatte kimi no chikaku de
Because I always want to be close to you

kimi no tonari de
I want to be by your side



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