[Summer 2012] Translating Projects

All right, here’s a short summary of what I’m working on this season. Hence why I’m calling this post “Translating Projects” instead of the usual “Anime Expectations”. I’m really behind on anime since I also have a part-time job to carry out every day, so I can’t give a nice excerpt of every single anime that is airing at the moment. But I can at least show you guys what you can expect on my site the following weeks.

What would be even nicer, is if you would take a visit at my dropbox public folder, which has been simplified to http://www.mandoran.tk. There you can see what I’m working on in detail, with all my reports I’ve made so far. Yes, in the days my server was online, updating my dropbox site was a nice alternative. Well then, up to the three series I’m working on this season.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

I’ll be the main translator for Sigh Subs, and I really hope I don’t screw this one up. It seems like a nice scripted anime adaptation of the visual novel with the same name, just like Shuffle! or Mashiroiro Symphony. Here’s my wish that it’ll turn out with a massive plot twist. As the main character for the upcoming PSP game (obviously called Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Portable) is none other than the loli character in this series, Non-chan-senpai…Basically anything can happen in this series. I’ve heard rumours that the actual VN was quite shallow in story, but the visuals are quite stunning.

We can only hope for the best. I’ve worked on one episode so far, and I’m very delighted by the quality. They do skip character introductions, and the even the slightest idea of fanservice is blocked by a big white screen of light. Kinda afraid that they give us some more white screens later. I’ll show an example in the first release post. This one is quite recommended if you like a romance comedy series that will hopefully not suck like the generic VN-to-anime adaptation.

Jinrui ha Suitai Shimashita

I love this series. I actually expected something else with the title “Mankind has Declined”, but to think I’d get such a cynical anime…I’m taken by surprise. I’ve been appointed for messing with the scripts of Crunchyroll, although their scripts seem to get better and better. Our first release didn’t have that many edits but our second episode will have a blast. The OP and ED are also very addicting. You should check it out when I post the lyrics of them. Note: I usually post lyrics of the OP and ED just after writing the first release post.

Also, this series doesn’t have any names or whatsoever. I’m really amazed that they can keep up with that stuff. In the light novel, the main character is referred to as “Watashi”, which simply means “Me” in Japanese. If a world wherein fairies took over the world after mankind has fallen fancies you, you should check this one out.

Dog Days’

I don’t really have much to add to this anime. If you have seen the previous season, obviously you should continue watching this one. In fact, I TLCed the first episode without having watched the first season at all. Because of character introductions, I was saved from any possible spoilers, but I’m rushing through the first season as I type now.

It made me think of Zero no Tsukaima at first, due to a male character being summoned by another world. Although he doesn’t become a familiar, but a hero. That, of course, changes the whole plot. In a better way? Maybe so. Since this whole anime is quite cheerful and light, it might have been just perfect. I’m nearing the darker part in the first season, but I can surely tell the drama is on a different scale. The second season will surely bring drama with it as well. Hours go by as you watch this funny anime. Nothing’s wrong with this one.

Discontinued Project: Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru!

Due to Hatsuyuki’s sudden drop of members, and the main TL’s inactivity during the summer, we have decided to drop this series. I hoped to pick it up for AniBlaze, but perhaps I’ll be returning as Hatsuyuki’s TLC for Arcana Famiglia. But can I speak Italiano? Sadly, no. Even when I’m Dutch, that doesn’t mean I’m a polyglot by fact.

Other Series I Recommend

As a Japanologist, I just have to recommend Joshiraku. I don’t really have a lot to tell about rakugo, since it’s really difficult for me as well, but Commie’s TL notes have really helped me in the progress. If you’re not familiar with Japanese stand-up comedy like this, I’m afraid you should back off for this one. For now, the ending will have to suffice:

This song just brims of old and new Japanese music mixed into each other. Had to use an alternative video because YouTube bans them all…

Another series I could recommend is Sword Art Online, since it sounds so much like .hack, albeit a bit up-to-date. Maybe the .hack servers have updated. Jokes aside, I totally do not know how this series is, since I haven’t taken a look at it. Though you have enough fansub groups to choose from, since it’s the most popular one this season.

And then you have Tari Tari, which is done by PA Works, so that should be of quite the quality. It a music genre anime, so I believe it’s suitable for all audiences. Kokoro Connect, the last one I want to talk about, just seems like another K-On, and you should blame the KyoAni director for this one. Though not by the company itself, you can definitely see the influence of it. Might also be worth the watch…I mean, this one does feature males in it, so that should be at least somewhat promising.

tl;dr: This season has a lot to offer for everyone. For Sci-fi, go with Arve Rezzle, Jinrui ha Suitai Shimashita or Sword Art Online. They are all awesome. Dakara Boku ha H ga Dekinai has got the looks of High School DxD, the series I started my fansubbing career with. Don’t know if I’ll be watching that one due to the amount of fanservice. And then there’s Hagure Yuusha no Esthetica, which I’m totally ignoring because that seems like much fanservice with little to no action in between. I’m serious.



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